Bridget Blackwood

Bridget Blackwood

Author of the paranormal romance series World in Shadows

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4 Stars
A Scarlet Fury (World in Shadows #2) by Bridget Blackwood
A Scarlet Fury (World in Shadows Book 2) - Bridget Blackwood, Sharon Stogner, Indie-Spired

*Warning - this book begins with a non-graphic depiction of rape and torture that may be a trigger for some people*

Scarlet Fury is more than just a romance - it is Madalaina (Mads) story of coming out of a very bad mental place and finding herself in the darkness.  There are subtle and not so subtle lessons about life on every page and I really enjoyed watching her overcome.  I thought Blackwood did a brilliant job of showing the struggle and how hard it is to get your life back after an experience like this.

But this is a romance.  Cleary is perfect for Mads, but she's not sure she will ever be whole enough again to be worth his time.  He has to prove to her that it he wants her no matter what.  It was really quite beautiful.

We also get to see more into the political world of these paranormals and more about the over-all series story arc as well.  It was a great second story and this world is fascinating to read about.

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Still a hot after 10 books!
Divided (Brides of the Kindred, #10) - Evangeline Anderson, Barb Rice, Reese Dante

****Spoiler Free******

Ah, Twin Kindred. Be still my heart. It's intriguing the way Ms. Anderson handles twins, one dare and one light. If you're familiar with the series, then you already know about Twin Kindreds from Lock and Deep. Their book was an example of how it's supposed to be. Far and Truth are an example of how things don't always go according to plan. They didn't bond, they hate each other. Becca believes she can choose between the men.

#1) Um, why would you want to?

#2) Even if they do hate each other, Far and Truth are Twin Kindred. I don't understand how Becca thought she could get around bonding the way nature created them to. 

Lucky for all three, fate steps in. 

Ms. Anderson has a gift for crafting believable dialogue, dynamic characters, and smoking hot love scenes. The Kindred series is fantastic and hasn't lost momentum like some series' do. I'm excited to see more of Ms. Anderson's Kindred books in the future. 

$0.99 to try a new author?

After almost a month on the market, I decided to lower the price on Rising Shadows. I sold more than I expected and grateful for each one. I know from personal experience that hardcore readers with outrageous reading habits need incentive to try a new author, I'm hoping the cheap price will entice a few for me. I hated spending more money and then not being crazy in love with the author and his/her work. Currently this price is only for Amazon but should cross platforms soon. 



5 Stars
Playing for Love at Deep Haven (Enchanted Places)
Playing for Love at Deep Haven - Katy Regnery
What happens when two people who're fated to be together manage to flub it up the first time? The Universe finagles a second chance.

Zach let one bone head move cost him the girl who was the one.

Violet is too scarred by the event to know if she wants to let him have another go another go at her heart.

I think they were too young to recognize the bond they shared fro how special it was. When you're in college and meet the person you think might be the one, it isn't unthinkable that you might not want to jump on that boat. Your life is just getting started out in the real world, do you want to tie yourself to another person so soon? Then you grow up and realize true love is not something you shut the door on.

Z and Vile weren't ready for it, but Zach and Violet are.

A complex situation to say the least, and Katy does a great job navigating the complex emotions their shared history would conjure up. Your heart swells and breaks for Zach and Violet, characters that are easy to fall in love with.
5 Stars
Until Trevor (Until, #2)
Until Trevor (Until, #2) - Aurora Rose Reynolds
We got a glimpse of Liz and Trevor in Until November. By the opening of Until Trevor, he has already screwed it up. Men, right? Liz is having no part of the alpha male display that Trevor demonstrates. She and I are going to have to agree to disagree on that score. Any of the Mayson's can be my caveman.

What surprises me about Aurora Rose Reynolds is that she can make mundane interesting. Until Trevor has some great action scenes but with 434 pages, it cannot all be BAM! I was never bored. I think ARR could send me her grocery list and I would be entertained.

I tell ya what, there are some psycho wenches in that town. I blame the Mayson testosterone. Must scramble the brains. I have never wanted to hit one of my own team more in my life.
3 Stars
The Warrior (The Herod Chronicles, #1)
The Warrior (The Herod Chronicles, #1) - Wanda Ann Thomas
A religious romance that doesn't skimp on the romance or smolder. In my experience, that is pretty rare. Nathan is more than a warrior. He is loyal, generous, and a great husband. I liked the historical feel of the story.
4 Stars
Switched - Cassie Mae
Friends to lovers and unrequited love. Kayla and Wesley are in love with people they cannot have. They cook up a hilarious scheme to get the objects of their affection to notice them. Nothing goes right and before long they have to wonder if they really want what they are after. Funny and sweet book.
4 Stars
The Last Hour of Gann - R. Lee Smith
Cultural and language barriers are the least of the Hero and Heroines problems. They are different species. She is human and he is pretty much a walking, talking lizard. On a holy pilgrimage, he finds her and the rest of the survivors from the crashed space ship. Taking pity on the hideous, soft skinned creatures, he agrees to take them with him. Let the crazy begin. We learn a lot about the planet along the way. I was impressed with how that whole plot played out.
There is rape, violence, and crude language so reader beware. I loved the book. Was a little long and the beginning could have been condensed down, in my opinion. I enjoyed the adventure. The main characters are strong and I admired their tenacity.
3 Stars
Pax in the Land of Women (The Ginecean Chronicles, #2) - Monica La Porta
First of all, read book one. You will understand what is going on.

The world that Ms. L Porta created is intriguing. Women rule over the men. Having a sexual relationship with a man is perverse. Pax is still willing to follow her heart for Prince. He is a lot like the Priest from book one, but has a stronger will to fight. I did get irritated that he seemed cowed in the city of men. The series is a history of the Ginecean Slave revolt, basically. If I was to rate this solely on the romance factor, I would say it is not great. With the action and adventure, it makes it as a entertaining read.
4 Stars
Red Moon
Red Moon - Elizabeth   Kelly
Reds are considered bad news. Our heroine is a red and the hero is a werewolf. Odd pairing, but it works. I found the various family dynamics very well done. The estranged daughter, the meddlesome mother that means well, sisterly bonds, friends close enough to be family. All the relationships were well developed. I read the whole book in one sitting. When I tried to stop, I couldn't because I had to know what was going to happen next.
4 Stars
Love in the Time of the Dead
Love in the Time of the Dead - Tera Shanley
You never know what to expect with zombie romance. I am a horror movie fan and I love The Walking Dead on AMC. I tell be the reason I like TWD is because is examines the survivors and their relationships, not just the zombies. Tera Shanley wrote a book with the same qualities. It is not cut a dried romance that puts your hero in this box and your heroine in this box. Laney has a few very viable romantic options. Keeps you guessing as to who will be in the epilogue. I cheated and flipped to the back to make sure my favorite won. Laney's relationship to the Deads (as they call them) is very unique. I was intrigued by her. I could not help but want to know more. I won't spoil it for you. Laney is a seriously cool heroine.
4 Stars
The Christmas Wish (Heart of Montana)
The Christmas Wish - Katy Regnery
Tess is the bad girl. The one everyone "knows" is easy and only worth a good time. Lucas is an ex-con. They are both bad news, awful people, right? Wrong! They made mistakes. They are guilty of some unsavory behavior. What they are not is a lost cause. Lucas treats Tess like a princess. There have been squeaky clean heroes in other novels that have not respected their heroine as much as Lucas does Tess. The true test of their love is that they make each other better people. I can easily see Tess and Lucas going the distance. They make each other happy, they are in love, they are their best selves together. That makes for a pure and perfect love.
3 Stars
Shadow Dreams
Shadow Dreams - Evangeline Anderson
I love Evangeline Anderson's work. I am a big fan of her Kindred series and the Born to Darkness series. Anderson has a way of drawing the reader in even. I have been resistant to particular story lines in the past but always end on of her books glad I read it. One of the few authors that I will auto buy her work and read it regardless of the back blurb.

Evangeline had grown in her writing. Shadow Dreams was good, but not as good as her more current work. If you have never read anything by Evangeline, then I would suggest starting with one of her other books but for the fan it is a nice treat. You can see the roots of where we are today present in Shadow Dreams. I would adore it if she went back and expanded this story or created more. She is quite busy with many irons in the fire and honestly I would rather see another Kindred or Born of Darkness book.
5 Stars
Until November
Until November - Aurora Rose Reynolds
From the first few lines, I was hooked. Aurora Rose Reynolds uses a compelling opener to draw you in. What happened to November? Was it random or will it play out to be something bigger? I have read this story hook before but Beast changed it up. I love animals but make the animal a hero too and I will adore it until the end of days.

Besides the greatest pup ever, what does Until November have to offer? Man candy. The alpha male Asher is a slice of heaven. I love those bad boy alphas with a heart of gold. The Mayson men were taught how to treat women by mom and be a man by dad. They are a close knit family and I want them to adopt me.
4 Stars
The Warlord's Comeuppance (Coletti Warlords #2)
The Warlord's Comeuppance (Coletti Warlords #2) - Gail Koger
After reading Just My Luck, I decided to check out this book as it was next in the series. Funny story, I have already read it years ago. Still a good buck that made me laugh even knowing what was going to happen. I read it originally before Goodreads and keeping track of things like that.

Anyhoo, I digress. This book is about Talree's (book one hero) mom and dad. How they met and fell in love which of course is how we got Talree. I was impressed with how the H/h get together. Sometimes an author finds something that works in book one and you basically get the same story regurgitated over and over in the sequels. Nope. Gail Koger gave a unique spin on why the Heroine would need the Hero. I wondered at the beginning why a woman who is familiar with Coletti Warlords is not showing much self preservation with one, but you have not met her Dad. I think I will have nightmares about him.

Great book, happy with it even as a re-read. Moving on to book 3.
4 Stars
Just My Luck (Coletti Warlords #1)
Just My Luck (Coletti Warlords #1) - Gail Koger
I laughed so hard reading Just My Luck. Kaylee is by far one of the wittiest heroines I have ever read. Her family says she is a magnet for trouble, which I thought was probably a slight exaggeration being the only girl. Ha! Not so. Kaylee is a tuning fork for all things big and bad in the universe. Does she let it bother her? Nope. She embraces it because really, what else can you do?

Talree is hot, weird man junk aside. He is the only man alive anywhere that stands a chance of keeping up with Kaylee. My absolute favorite characters were not even humanoid. Tae and Bey, Datlow, the babies, I was crying from laughing so hard. This was my first Gail Koger book and I WILL be reading more.