Whiskey Lullaby (Love Songs, #1) - Dawn Martens,  Emily Minton

I have read the book, read other reviews of the book, and talked about the book at length with fellow bloggers. I keep hearing how it was too predictable. I disagree. Predictable yes, because it follows a formula that works. I don't think it is too predictable. Another complaint I heard was they the H/h jump back in the sack after nine years apart and a lot of ill will between them. Whoa, whoa. Back up. Before the pain there was love. The love is still there, they are both hurting. The one thing each of them wants in all the world is to be together. Then, all of a sudden they are alone together. I kind of thought it was a natural reaction. If I am thirsty and you sit a glass of water in front of me I am going to drink it. Same principal.

Did Jase have a good reason for cheating? Is there ever a good reason for cheating? You have to decide that for yourself. I was entertained while I read the book. That is all I ever ask.