Headfirst Falling - Melissa Guinn
If you think about it, we have no shortage of military men in the dating world. The traumas of war are real. Melissa Guinn captures a real life problem in the pages of her book. How do you act like a civilian again? Can you build a lasting relationship with the ghosts of whatever you endured while serving? Sure, not every person who serves is going to see things like Jackson did. Enough of them do, though. I like how Jackson comments on the awareness a soldier must learn to use in their surroundings. Deployed to hostile locations, everyone is a potential threat. You watch your back 24/7.

In Head First Falling, Jackson was enlisted with Charlie's brother. He was there when her brother died. That adds a painful dynamic to the already tense situation. They have never given themselves a chance at being together. With the death of Charlie's brother, they wonder if they have waited too long to try. A realistic, romance that deals with grief, trust, and moving on with life. I hope we visit some of the characters again in the future.