Real - Katy Evans
Brooke Dumas used to be the star athlete. She was bound for the olympics until two torn ACL's crushed her dreams. Now, she has devoted her career to other star athletes. Brook attends an underground fight and meets Remington. He's the best at his sport, headed for the top. Brooke is blown away by him. Her reaction surprises her. She isn't the type to fall over guys so easily. Remington is just as taken with Brooke. He offers her a job on his team for the rest of the tour. As his employee, Brooke knows she should not cross the line with him. Remington is hard to resist. He is also a complex man with more going on than Brooke realizes.

“He's not just a star, he's the whole f*ing sky to me.” - Brooke

Sparks fly off the page between Brooke and Remington. They are an intense couple. Their courtship isn't light, it smacks you in the face. Remington does everything either 90 or nothing, so why would love be any different? I did not like Brooke's ultimatums, though I understood them. She was concerned that he was taking and not giving enough. As the reader, I could see how out of character his actions with Brooke were. Everyone around them seemed to see how serious Remington was about Brooke, but Brooke. Brooke refers to her "pussy clenching" so many times I was worried she might have a condition. Despite this, I enjoyed the book. Read it in two sitting. Katy Evans reeled me in early on and I was hooked.

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