Play Me (Take a Chance, #3) - Diane Alberts
A friends to lovers story. Kiersten Worth is raising her late sister's son. She has been for most of his life. Kiersten is the only mother he knows. Kiersten was in love with a man named Pete(r?) who bailed on her, breaking her heart. Not willing to risk another heart ache or put her son through the trauma of another father figure leaving, Kiersten decides dating is out. On the day that should have been her wedding day, Kiersten plans to act on the attraction to her friend Garrett. He is her brother's best friend, as well as Kiersten's best friend these days. Garrett wants more than a one night stand with Kiersten. He doesn't like being used. Fast forward three months and the two are still not on speaking terms.

Kiersten can't wait any longer. She has to tell him that they are part of that statistic that gets pregnant even with a condom. Kiersten is still afraid to try a relationship, Garrett is still determined that is what he wants with Kiersten. They decide to move in together so he can help out, just as friends and parents. Riiiiiiight. Hearts are on the line and nobody escaped with their feelings intact as the two straighten out what they want.

In this books I felt that the stereotypical roles were reversed. That was refreshing. Instead of Kiersten wanting a relationship with jaded Garrett, it was the other way around. I understand Kierstens hang ups about a men, she had reason to feel the way she did. She wan't being fair to Garrett and did not understand why he was upset. Why couldn't he just not rock the boat? Because he loves you, dummy! Get your head out of your rear because you love him too.

I love Garrett. He was a great hero. He is strong, but sensitive. Garrett is funny and kind. He's a teacher, good with kids. The man is just great. I felt sorry that he was getting a raw deal there for a bit. At one point he kind of gives up on having a real chance at happiness with Kiersten. It is heartbreaking. Good thing Kiersten sees the light or I might have to move in and comfort Garrett.

This was a fast read. I enjoyed the change of pace with Kiersten being reluctant and Garrett pursing a real relationship. Different from what I have been reading lately, anyways. I read the first book in this series. This is book three. A cute series, I will be keeping an eye out for more.

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