Seducing Cinderella (Fighting for Love, #1) - Gina L. Maxwell
Lucie is a physical therapist. Reid is a injured MMA fighter. When Reid is sent to Lucie for rehab, they are both surprised to realize they know each other. Reid is best friends with Lucie's older brother. Reid has an important fight coming up. He needs to heal fast. Lucie agrees to give him 24 hour care in exchange for his help realizing her potential. Lucie has a crush who doesn't seem to see her. Reid promises he will teach her how to make the men see her from miles away. In the process of teaching Lucie how to be seductive, he is seduced himself. Can Reid let Lucie go? Will Lucie want to be with her crush, or Reid?

Lucie doesn't see herself as attractive. This is pretty common among women, so I think most readers will relate to her. Reid is outgoing and oozes sex. Lucie mistakes his lessons as nothing more than student/teacher. She cannot fathom Reid being attracted to her. When the object of your affection gives you the time of day, sometimes you think it is just wishful thinking that he is into you. I found Lucie to be adorable. Reid needs to work on his self worth issues, but he appears to get that under control by the end. I have bought the next book, featuring Lucie's brother. I expect it will be a good read as well.

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