Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2) - Cherrie Lynn
Brian, is not only tattooed, but pierced. BONUS! Pardon me while I fan myself. He works as a tattoo artist. Candace and Brian are friends because he used to date her cousin. They haven't seen each other since the relationship went sour. When Candace decides to get a tattoo, she goes to Brian. The way Cherrie Lynn describes Brian, well the man is seriously sexy. Candace and Brian are feeling out their relationship and it brought a smile to my face more than once as I watched it unfold.
“I want to bury myself so deep inside you, you’ll think you won’t ever get me out” - Brian
One of my favorite reads. I liked this one so much I was about 40 pages in when I said, "Whoa, I need to go back and sloooooow down. Savor it." The chemistry between Candace and Brian ins explosive. Cherrie Lynn builds the sexual tension to a fevered pitch. This is one I moved into my personal library.

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