Blood and Snow: The Complete Set - RaShelle Workman
RaShelle Workman has taken the Snow White fairy tale and made it her own. Set in modern day with vampires and other creatures of myth, Snow must navigate the waters of adolescents all while trying to survive a plot my the vampire queen and high school. Snow has normal teenage problems like boys, first loves, friends, and parents. She also has to juggle weapons training and her thirst for blood, which are not so normal problems. There is symbolism and hidden meaning everywhere. Snow White has always been a coming of age story, the girl blossoms into a beautiful woman. Blood and Snow is also a transformation tale with a bit more transformation than the original Snow White had to put up with.

If you are familiar with the fairy tale you will recognize the bread crumbs Workman has left for you in the plot. It is easy to identify who is who from the original Snow White among their modern day counter parts. The hunter was probably my favorite. He was brilliantly done. Another theme prominent in Blood and Snow is the freedom of choice. Is there a such thing as good and evil? Are we all just the sum of our parts or the choices that we have made? I had a hard time classifying any one person as wholly evil or good. They were flawed and that makes them easy to relate to.

Workman is a creative mastermind. I think you would be hard pressed to find a reader who could not at least agree that she has a fantastic imagination and a gift for story telling.

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