Born in Chains - Caris Roane

This is the first book in a new vampire series by Caris Roane. First books always mean introduction to the new world. You have to learn if the vampires are born or made, can they reproduce, do they have destined mates, all that jazz. There was not a ton of new material to learn to get current in Roane's world. I appreciate the simplicity.

Adrien was a gentleman, considering all he has been through lately. I was afraid he might try to devour Lily from lack of blood, but he restrained himself. He never gave her too much lip even when he thought she agreed to the mission for money. That is so far from why Lily signed on. As a mother, I could identify with Lily. If she did not have so much at stake, she probably would have given up several times.

I enjoyed the book. I liked the way the book wrapped up. Had a solid HEA for Adrien and Lily while setting up the next book.