Lord of Snow and Ice - Heather Massey
Clarysa is free spirited and fun. She is naive but I can excuse this with age and sheltered upbringing. At first she has a very "love conquers all" attitude. While I won't argue that this is true in romance novels, people do get hurt along the way. Some people even die. The greatest sacrifices we make are for love. Clarysa learns quick. I enjoyed watching her mature as the story progressed. She starts as a stars in her eyes young girl and becomes a woman. Stellan broke my heart. He is young in body but weary in spirit. He has been alone for a long time. Stellan wants to help the people but his infamous family ties make him persona non grata. Sure, Stellan wants Clarysa but if it is not what is good for everyone he will live without her. Good thing for Stellan that Clarysa is not so easily swayed from her goals.

The only real gripe I had with the story was one sex scene between Stellan and Clarysa when he is in beast mode.