The Challenge - Susan Kearney
The first book in the Rystani Warriors series. I read this book for the first time back in 2007. I have read all the Rystani Warrior books in the series. There are four. My favorite is book 2, The Dare. Rystani are warriors. Alpha male, driven, and hot. Kahn is the hero, and yes I had a hard time not doing my best Captain Kirk imitation.
Khan meets Tessa, telling her she has to undergo a fierce challenge. Khan's people don't really dig the women as warriors scene. As a former secret service agent, Tessa is not the damsel in distress. She has training but she will need more for the task at hand. Khan is the one who can train her, if he can get over his need to protect her. Talk about your sexual tension. Susan Kearney ratchets up the steam. The story is futuristic, which I enjoyed. I like watching characters learn about each other and in stories with the culture clash, they have gobs to learn. Not my favorite of the series, I was not as entertained as I wanted to be through the whole tale. Khan is irritating with his cave man, chest beating over Tessa.