Love, Technically - Lynne Silver
Where my nerds at? Got a thing for computer savvy, anime reading, smarty pants, gamer guys? Look no further, ladies. You want to read Love, Technically. Noah Frellish, aka Sark, is a nerdy billionaire. Instead of business suits he wears shirts he bought of Think (great site, btw). He is relatively new to being a rich guy. He only recently learned the hard lesson about people only being interested in you for what you can buy them. Michelle does not recognize him as the owner of the company she just started working for. All she knows is he saved her bacon from getting fried by her fire breathing boss. He's just Sark, the funny computer nerd who works on the fourth floor. Noah doesn't meant to lie to her. At first, he didn't realize she was oblivious to who he is. Then he was too afraid to find out she might be like all the other gold diggers.

He is a good guy, so even though he knows it might be the end of the road, he tries to clear up the misunderstanding. Of course, she misunderstands this and it is weeks before she puts it all together. Dang you pride, thou dost get in the way. I wanted Michelle to laugh at how funny the situation was but it all kind of came out at a really bad time. Hard to see the levity when you are fighting back tears.Michelle's co worker, whom she was vying for a position in the company, is truly a someone I want to smack with a brick. On that note, let's take a minute to "thank" all those women out there that are 100% out for themselves. Here's to you, backstabber. Michelle handled that whole situation like a champ. Made me proud.

During the fall out of operation Michelle's evil co worker, the relationship implodes. Sad, but gives both Michelle and Sark (Noah, whatever) time to examine what they want and what they only think they want.

I have a soft spot for nerds. I married one. I tried to find a picture of a hot nerd, other than the ones I know, but the Internet equates hot guy + nerd = random guy wearing glasses :0/

Boo on you internets. Guess I will just have to end this with the words of Beca from the movie Pitch Perfect.

"Love you, awesome nerds."