Coming Undone - Lauren Dane
After the death of his parents, Brody had to choose between taking care of his family or pursuing his career. He chose his family. His siblings are grown. He owns his own business. It is time for Brody to look to building his life again. Elise is a single mom. Her marriage and life as a ballerina are over. Both ended tragically. All Elise wants is a quiet life with her daughter. Brody befriends both Elise and her daughter.
From the friendship, passion grows. Elise is afraid of it. When she is forced to face her past head on, Brody becomes her rock. The bond they forge becomes so strong, denying their feelings becomes impossible.

“You don't always choose who you love, sometimes it just happens.”

Brody id a patient man. He is great with Elise, who is extremely wary of relationships. Brody is brilliant with Elise's daughter. Half of Elise's attraction to Brody is probably how great he handles her daughter. Elise is a wonderful mother. She would never have anything to do with a man that didn't see how great her daughter is. She really is great. I laughed at that child so many times reading this book, I think Hades may have begun to question my sanity.

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