True - Erin McCarthy

The title, True, could not be more appropriate. Erin McCarthy delivers a story that is very believable, in my opinion. McCarthy painted a picture of human flaws, hardships, brutal honesty, and enduring love. Tyler and his brothers broke my heart. Tyler and his older brother are trying to make something of their own lives while juggling the care of their two younger brothers. The two younger brothers live in a hell created by their addict mother. Seeing Tyler with his brothers, if I was Rory, would cement his place in my heart forever.

The sexy times in the book are not graphic. There are some details but it is mostly fade to black. I would say this book is acceptable for YA and new adult. This will appeal to those who do not like their sex scenes raunchy. Less appealing to those that like it so detailed they can smell the sweat in the air. Personally, I am okay with either. It depends on my mood. Variety is the spice of life. It can't be all whips and chains all the time, ya know?

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