Crimson Debt - Evangeline Anderson
Evangeline Anderson is a terrific world builder. I had no trouble trying to "see" it as I read. I have been a fan of Ms. Andersons for years. When she offered a free copy of this book to the first twenty people to respond on Facebook, I jumped on it. I can't wait to see what she has in store for the rest of the series. I am especially eager to see a certain werewolf ;0p

Our hero, Alec Corbin, is a four star (400 years old) master vampire. He owns the premiere sex-glam (blood for mind sex) club Under the Fang in Tampa, Florida. He is sex on a stick handsome with eyes that are to die for. The occasional Gaelic burr would make me swoon. Alas, he wouldn't be interested in me because he has a thing for Addison Godwin, the vampire auditor. Addison, like all auditors, is glam proof. She keeps those naughty vampires in line, or executes them. seeing the worst of them every day, she doesn't really like vampires. Except Taylor, her best friend who was turned against her will by mega skank Celeste. When Celeste gives Taylor to a sadistic visiting dignitary, Addison is forced to ask Corbin for help. Nothing comes for free, especially not when it comes to vampires. Addison is thrust into a world she only thought she knew. Will she learn to see Corbin as a man and not a monster? Can they save Taylor and themselves? Or will someone have to pay the ultimate price, the crimson debt?