Until Trevor (Until, #2) - Aurora Rose Reynolds
We got a glimpse of Liz and Trevor in Until November. By the opening of Until Trevor, he has already screwed it up. Men, right? Liz is having no part of the alpha male display that Trevor demonstrates. She and I are going to have to agree to disagree on that score. Any of the Mayson's can be my caveman.

What surprises me about Aurora Rose Reynolds is that she can make mundane interesting. Until Trevor has some great action scenes but with 434 pages, it cannot all be BAM! I was never bored. I think ARR could send me her grocery list and I would be entertained.

I tell ya what, there are some psycho wenches in that town. I blame the Mayson testosterone. Must scramble the brains. I have never wanted to hit one of my own team more in my life.