Shadow Dreams - Evangeline Anderson
I love Evangeline Anderson's work. I am a big fan of her Kindred series and the Born to Darkness series. Anderson has a way of drawing the reader in even. I have been resistant to particular story lines in the past but always end on of her books glad I read it. One of the few authors that I will auto buy her work and read it regardless of the back blurb.

Evangeline had grown in her writing. Shadow Dreams was good, but not as good as her more current work. If you have never read anything by Evangeline, then I would suggest starting with one of her other books but for the fan it is a nice treat. You can see the roots of where we are today present in Shadow Dreams. I would adore it if she went back and expanded this story or created more. She is quite busy with many irons in the fire and honestly I would rather see another Kindred or Born of Darkness book.