Just My Luck (Coletti Warlords #1) - Gail Koger
I laughed so hard reading Just My Luck. Kaylee is by far one of the wittiest heroines I have ever read. Her family says she is a magnet for trouble, which I thought was probably a slight exaggeration being the only girl. Ha! Not so. Kaylee is a tuning fork for all things big and bad in the universe. Does she let it bother her? Nope. She embraces it because really, what else can you do?

Talree is hot, weird man junk aside. He is the only man alive anywhere that stands a chance of keeping up with Kaylee. My absolute favorite characters were not even humanoid. Tae and Bey, Datlow, the babies, I was crying from laughing so hard. This was my first Gail Koger book and I WILL be reading more.