Boomtown - Lani Lynn Vale
Sure, there are quite a few motorcycle club books out right now. I like MC books. Boomtown has so, so, so much more to it than this. The MC is so minor in comparison. Love at first sight. Hot, alpha male, motorcycle guys/special forces eye candy. Strong heroines. Hilarity. So much going for this debut by author Lani Lynn Vale. The dialogue between the characters is probably my favorite thing about this author. She captures so much about the characters in even the most benign conversation.

The evil ex, well I just wanted someone to make her disappear. No spoilers, but I felt really crappy about that later. She was a serious dumb ho, though. That is my defense and I will stick to it.

Cheyenne and Ember shopping for condoms is one of my favorite scenes. These two can play off each other in such a way as to be considered an art. The poor school teacher they meet in the store, she will never be the same.

The chemistry between Sam and Cheyenne, fireworks. I read one review that criticized Sam's quick progression of the relationship with Cheyenne. I have to say, I do not think Sam has ever not gone in with both feet, judging by his character. He is a gung ho, balls to the wall kind of guy. He gives 110% or nothing and expects the same in return. Sam is funny, confident, sexy, and all alpha.

All nonsense and fangirling aside, I really did enjoy this book. Yes, there are some errors. I hope it does not stop you from giving it a chance.