Zoey Rogue (Incubatti #1) - Lizzy Ford
Things are changing within the ranks of the Incubatti and the Sucubatti. No one knows for sure what is happening, but you can feel the rumblings of unrest. Zoey's job is to protect innocent women from the Cambions, the offspring of Incubus fathers and mortal mothers. They feed off the sex energy and kill women. Zoey is great at her job. Her team is known for being particularly lethal. When the killing is done for the day, all Zoey wants to do is be normal. She has succeeded in playing the part for over a year now. It is starting to take its toll on her physically and mentally.

Declan has tried to avoid Zoey. She is his soul mate. He does not want a soul mate forced on him by fate. The thing about fate is, she does not like to be ignored. Do her bidding or prepare to be slapped down. Declan can fight it all he wants, but Zoey is meant to be his. He is going to have to fit the new relationship status into his hectic schedule because things get crazy fast.

I have not enjoyed a paranormal read as much as I enjoyed this one in a while. There was intrigue, action, romance, sex, a kick butt heroine, and a sexy hero. I laughed a lot. The dialogue is great. I am anti cliffhanger but I will most definitely return for more Zoey.