Spinning Gold - Vivi Andrews
Not your childhood telling of Rumplestiltskin. The version I read as a child, Rumple was not a charming or handsome man. He was scary and odd. Juliana Ravel has much better luck. In this telling, our heroine is not trying to save her drunken, braggart father. Juliana is on a mission to save her brother from execution. He has been convicted of treason against the crown. *Gasp! I am not really sure why she said she could spin straw into gold. She needed to stall, but what she was hoping to happen I just do not know.

Side stepping that small issue, Juliana does find herself locked in a tower with mountains of straw. The necklace Juliana wears, a family heirloom, conjures up Rue. Another coincidence that lines up perfectly, thank goodness for the heroine. Rue, or Rumplestiltskin, was cast into the necklace by Juliana's ancestor. He isn't happy to be face to face with a Ravel again. Good news is, he can spin that straw into gold. Over the next two meeting they fall in love.

As I am reviewing the book, I am coming up with some plot holes. Nothing major. They are a little bothersome because plot holes tend to bounce around inside my brain. I am familiar with this author. I like her work and will continue to read it. The first book in her Serengeti Shifters series is terrific. While this is not Ms. Andrews best work, it was entertaining.