Skin - Kylie Scott
The idea of a man "buying" you and then chaining you to a bed for compliance sounds really bad BUT don't let that fool you. If Ros had fallen into Nick's arms without any fight, I would have lost all respect for her. Nick didn't go about acquiring Ros the best way but given the world they currently live in, can you expect courtship with candy and roses? I liked the world building. What I found to be both good and bad was the zombies. They were a presence that was definitely there. I wish they had been more present in the story. I can't really complain. It was a love story that had zombies in it. Not a zombie story that had some love. I liked the characters. I liked the story. Ros had backbone without being too hard headed to see a good thing. Nick was an alpha male but could still think with his brain instead of his pecs.