Twisted  (Dark Protectors, #5.5) - Rebecca Zanetti
Twisted is a novella, book 5.5 in the Dark Protectors series by Rebecca Zanetti . Vampires, Wolves, and hotties, oh my! Dark Protectors are 100% alpha male yummy goodness. Maggie spent the last decade being tortured by the Kurjans, the mortal (immortal?) enemies of the Dark Protectors. She has no memory of her life before she was kidnapped ten years ago. Maggie is trying to get her life back when Terrent Vilks drops the bomb on her. They were supposed to be mated before she was taken. They loved each other. She cannot remember knowing him, so how could she have loved him? Terrent doesn't care that she has lost those memories. They can build new ones. So long as no one kills them first, that is.

A fast paced read from page one, Twisted grabs you and never lets go. There is enough action to make you forget this is supposed to be a novella, not a full length novel. Steam practically rises off the pages when Maggie and Terrent are together. This book is the paranormal equivalent to the movie The Vow with a MUCH better ending. If you have not read the Dark Protectors, I recommend them. I am waiting for Janie's story, book 7, which is available in 2014. It is sure to be the best one yet.

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