Exiled (Brides of the Kindred, #7) - Evangeline Anderson
Lissa is a Priestess and a Touch Kindred. She has a serious thing for her Saber. It is a relationship that can never be. Among their people, they would be considered incestuous. They share no blood ties and were not raised from little kids together so there is not an ick factor. Their love is forbidden and Lissa fights her feelings for Saber daily. Saber is less inclined to let Lissa go. Now is not the time for them to hash out their issues, they have bigger fish to fry. Important historical documents have disappeared to Yonnie Six, a planet ruled by dominant women. Lissa will pose as a mistress, Saber her slave. BDSM is the name of the game on Yonnie Six with the women in the driver's seat. Saber and Lissa cannot ignore their desire when they are expected to act as if they know one another intimately. When the mission is over, will Lissa and Saber find a way to be together despite the odds against them?

Trust is a major factor in BDSM. Comfort zones are pushed. The fine line between pleasure and pain is walked. I was most impressed with how Evangeline handled the complex emotions the H/H had. They are dealing with their own attraction, new sexual explorations, sticking to the mission, and their possible futures. I won't spoil anything, but there is a scene near the end that pushes serious limits for Lissa and Saber. Evangeline nailed it. A recent article I read in a medical journal outlined the conflicting feeling a person might feel after such an event. The questions they might ask and how that could translate to their relationship was right there in the book.

Even better, the characters did not spend the next 5 chapters moping or bickering! Evangeline presents her story but does not dwell on particular aspects for the sole purpose of creating angst. These are adults, they should act like adults. If you have a problem, be smart enough to know a solution when you see it. Definitely a quality I admire in her writing.

Now, I am DYING to see where we go from here. This was supposed to be the end of the Kindred Brides. The proposed next hero is already pulling at my heart strings.