Playing for Love at Deep Haven - Katy Regnery
What happens when two people who're fated to be together manage to flub it up the first time? The Universe finagles a second chance.

Zach let one bone head move cost him the girl who was the one.

Violet is too scarred by the event to know if she wants to let him have another go another go at her heart.

I think they were too young to recognize the bond they shared fro how special it was. When you're in college and meet the person you think might be the one, it isn't unthinkable that you might not want to jump on that boat. Your life is just getting started out in the real world, do you want to tie yourself to another person so soon? Then you grow up and realize true love is not something you shut the door on.

Z and Vile weren't ready for it, but Zach and Violet are.

A complex situation to say the least, and Katy does a great job navigating the complex emotions their shared history would conjure up. Your heart swells and breaks for Zach and Violet, characters that are easy to fall in love with.