Beneath the Surface - M.A. Stacie
Kyran is a busy man. Kyran's father left business to him and his younger brother. Instead of it being a joint operation, Kyran spends most days doing everything himself and cleaning up after his irresponsible brother. Dale is hired as his brother's new assistant. In reality she is more of a babysitter. Frustrated with life, Kyran likes to let out his aggression in the boxing ring. Dale is attracted to Kyran but he is the boss, well one of them anyway. She is not about to cross that line. Well, she might. Okay, she will totally cross that line. Kyran is hot and when he sets his mind to seducing Dale, how could she resist? The relationship is supposed to be about sex. Scratch the itch and move on when they are done with each other. No one is supposed to fall in love.

Romance is on the low end in this book but it does not lack for the tummy butterflies. No boxes of chocolate for my valentine. It still makes for a steamy, hot read. I enjoyed the direct approach Dale and Kyran took. Lack of romance does not mean lack of emotional depth. For two people who wanted a no strings attached romance to avoid getting involved, they surely do start feeling fiercely for each other early on.