Fancy Free - Shelley Munro
I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

The plot has a great deal of potential. An almost virgin inherits a condom company. I fully expected hilarity to ensue. It did not. Alice, the heroine, is ready to explore her sexuality and chooses James, the manager, to help her. She assumes that a man who works in a condom company and is attractive must get a lot of sex. He was annoyed by this yet still engages in the no strings attached sex she accused him of having before. They end up partnering to test the new line of condoms. Alice and James do not talk much except to further misunderstand each other. I applaud Alice for wanting to give the company an honest try and make it successful again, but she is an accountant who suddenly is thrust into the management role for an entire company.

Another issue I had was excessive time jumping forward in the story for no discernible reason.