Kiss the Bride - Jody Wallace
Heck (it is his nickname) and Caroline have been best friends for their whole life. Caroline is to be married Dan. Dan is not the man of her dreams, but she no longer wants to wait for him that guy to show up. Caroline wants to be a mother and have a family before life gets away from her. Dan is the solution. Heck is Caroline's maid of honor. This plot point is humorous. Heck has no idea what a maid of honor's duties are. He does not even want Caroline to marry Dan. Heck is quickly waking up to how deep his feelings for Caroline run as she prepares to walk down the aisle. There is not much time left, so Heck and Caroline had better get moving!

The characters were frustrating in their stubbornness. Not frustration where I did not like them, but rather the kind I wanted to take them aside and have a chat. Always a good sign when I start talking to the characters in the book. Yes, I wanted Heck and Caroline to lay the cards on the table. Putting your heart in the hands of someone else is frightening. What if they reject you? What if he/she does not want to be more than friends? I understand the desire to feel the situation out. Knowing this did not make me want to throttle Heck or Caroline any less when I was afraid they were going to mess up my happily ever after.

One character I did want to hit was Lisa. When you read the bachelorette party scene, you will see Lisa. What is the most annoying sound in the world? Lisa talking. Again, I think the author intended this.