Begin Again (Crimson Romance) - Christy Newton
This is a sweet story of loss and second chances. Maisie has survived a nightmare. She is stuck in the motions of living but has given up. She lives with her sister, her whole family is worried that Maisie will never move on from her loss. Ryan has been coming in to the dinner where Maisie works for the apple pie and to see her. Love doesn't come fast, and I wouldn't expect it to. The author, Christy Newton, does a good job portraying Maisie as the widow dipping her toe back in the dating pool. Ryan is patient with Maisie. She's gun shy about having her heart broken again.

It is a beautiful story. The love scenes are kept behind closed doors. No explicit, or even non explicit, love scenes. It is an emotional story. I caught myself tear up more than once. I was left was a very warm, fuzzy feeling at the end of the book.

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