How I Got Him To Marry Me: 50 True Stories - Cherise Kelley
Marriage is not every woman's goal. If you are settling for less than marriage when it is what you want, then you shouldn't. This book contains 50 stories of women that wanted to get married. The men in their life, not so much concerned about the M word. How do you get a man to marry you? Well, you can manipulate him into it but that isn't a healthy foundation. You won't find ladies getting pregnant to trap a husband between these pages. These women got what they wanted by telling their men hard truths, eliminating obstacles such as debt, and showing him the the life they could have.

How I Got Him to Marry Me is about the traditional, some would say Christian, institution of marriage. This won't appeal to everyone, but no book ever does. The relationships are all heterosexual. The author was conducting an experiment related to heterosexual couples. I don't think she was discriminating. I also don't think she was saying that a feminist that chooses not to marry is wrong. Wouldn't feminists tell a woman to know what she wants and go for it?

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