Spell of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning
Cian has been trapped in a mirror for a long time. Eleven centuries to be exact. As you might expect, he is a little annoyed after all that time. Jessie is a little annoyed that a man jumped out of a mirror at her. From the moment Cian enters Jessie's life, he brings trouble. The two are thrust together until they can thwart the evil that is after them. They are attracted to each other but cannot seem to get along. They fight constantly. Cian can be an arrogant, pain in the butt, alpha male one minute and say things that make you melt the next. If they survive what is after them and each other, they might just find happiness together.

"...if Hell were the price for twenty days with you, I'd condemn myself again and again." - Cian MacKeltar.

One of two heroes on this list that has his tattoos to protect him, not just as a decoration. Book seven in KMM's Highlander series. I was impressed with Cian. I love KMM's Highlanders. They are pretty much a heavenly slice of awesome. Cian is the cherry on top of the cake. He is a very powerful man, magically. You can feel that power leap off the pages at you. Of all the Highlander books, this one sticks out in my memory the most.

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