Hearts in Darkness - Laura Kaye
Being trapped in a dark elevator sounds awful, until you throw in a sexy man to keep you company. It's love at first sight, without any light to see. Makenna and Caden start out by talking to pass the time while they await rescue. The more they talk, the more they feel the spark between them grow. Things begin to get hot and heavy but the lights come back on. Caden worries that his extensive tattoos will turn Makenna off, but she knows there is more to Caden than meets the eye. What was easy in the dark isn't quite so simple in the light of the day. Makenna and Caden have to decide if they will listen to the instant attraction between them or walk away.

The whole sensory deprivation scenario was hot. It has been said that when one sense is denied, the others are amplified. Imagining the hyper aware sense of touch and sound makes the elevator scene intoxicating. When the lights came on I wanted to scream, "Why!?". Makenna and Caden really contemplate walking away. I knew they wouldn't because then we would have no story. This knowledge did not stop me from sweating it out. Laura Kaye ratchets up the sexual tension in Hearts in Darkness.

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