Hot Ink - Ranae Rose
Mina is the sole guardian of her younger, wheelchair bound sister. Eric is the man inking a masterpiece on Mina's side. Eric tries to ask Mina out, but she is busy with work and her sister. She is sure that after running out on him once, he won't be back again. Fate has other plans. Fate and Mina's best friend. Mina and Eric are posed together for a photo shoot of their tattoos. It get's intimate and Eric takes his second chance to ask Mina out.

What I liked was that Ranae Rose took everyday life and turned it into a wonderful story. Mina works, cares for her sister, has a lot of responsibility. That could make for a dull book, but Ranae Rose is good at her craft. Mina and Eric were more real than some characters you read. Mina was easy to relate to. I could understand the feelings she was having and why. Eric was an all around good guy. He wasn't a knight in shining armor or hero to save the day. He was an ordinary, attractive, nice guy. He also has an awesome tattoo of a dragon. Yeow!

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