Love in the Time of the Dead - Tera Shanley
You never know what to expect with zombie romance. I am a horror movie fan and I love The Walking Dead on AMC. I tell be the reason I like TWD is because is examines the survivors and their relationships, not just the zombies. Tera Shanley wrote a book with the same qualities. It is not cut a dried romance that puts your hero in this box and your heroine in this box. Laney has a few very viable romantic options. Keeps you guessing as to who will be in the epilogue. I cheated and flipped to the back to make sure my favorite won. Laney's relationship to the Deads (as they call them) is very unique. I was intrigued by her. I could not help but want to know more. I won't spoil it for you. Laney is a seriously cool heroine.